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To serve customers in the European feed market, it is important to have the right people at the right place at the right time. We believe in good teamwork and a clear focus on what you, our customers are interested in. All of us at Tate & Lyle aim to achieve our mission to be consistently first in customer satisfaction.

‘My every day goal is to provide customer satisfaction.’ Abidin Kul, Turkey

Abidin Kul has worked for Tate & Lyle since 1995. As an agricultural engineer he is responsible for the sales of the corn co-products, mainly in Turkey. As such he is constantly in touch with aqua feed producers, compound feed producers and corn oil producers, with whom he exchanges ideas about the evolution of different markets. Price changes of protein sources and vegetable oils affect the prices of the co-products and are therefore carefully followed up by Abidin and the rest of the Animal Nutrition team.

Abidin says: “I’m very passionate in everything I do. Being able to discuss interesting ideas with customers in various markets on the one hand, and being involved in new projects at the factory on the other, makes my job fascinating and challenging. I look at the needs of the customer and try to find out how I can help them be successful in their daily business. Getting in touch with customers and keeping them satisfied is my every day goal!’

‘Opening and managing business with Russia is a big challenge.’ Jan Sykora, Slovakia

Jan Sykora, our sales account manager for Russia, is based in Slovakia. He is the youngest member of the Animal Nutrition team. His responsibilities are wide-ranging from sales, logistics and quality control, to legislation and new projects.

In Russia, Jan is in contact with international pet food producers, traders and compound feed producers. When asked of what achievement he is most proud, he says: ‘After a lot of effort, I finally succeeded in opening and managing a business with Russian customers. To improve logistics, we invested in a big bag installation in the Slovakian plant. This makes us more flexible in deliveries to our customers. Our plant in Slovakia is approved for export to Russia, and also our production locations in Hungary and Bulgaria have also succeeded in gaining the approval. This ensures the customers will always have the right amount of product at the right time.’


‘Polydextrose, a soluble corn fibre with multiple beneficial properties.’ Tom Reitsma, The Netherlands

‘Koog aan de Zaan in the Netherlands is Tate & Lyle’s value-added starch plant in Western Europe,’ says Tom Reitsma, Plant Manager. ‘About 90% of our output is dry starch, making us different from the rest of our European plants. Amongst European customers there is a big demand for polydextrose, a soluble corn fibre used in health and wellness products. Until now, this demand has been met by importing the product from the US. This also involved first exporting the substrate (dextrose) to the US for making the polydextrose since American dextrose did not meet the GMO-free standards required by European manufacturers, adding both to cost and environmental impacts. Following a detailed study to prove the market potential, the Board approved the investment here, which makes our plant the first and only polydextrose producer in Europe. This gives us a big competitive advantage with European customers.’

‘Everybody in the plant realized the importance of this project and was committed to delivering on time and in full, in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. Thanks to all disciplines, from sales and engineering to operations, maintenance, R&D, quality and supply chain, not to mention support from colleagues in both Europe and the US, we were able to achieve this.’


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