CORNPRO is a high–quality, concentrated source of protein for livestock, pets and fish.

It is essentially corn gluten meal, the dried residue from the kernel after the larger part of the starch and germ has been extracted and the bran separated during the wet milling process. CORNPRO is a multifunctional high protein ingredient. It is a good source of the amino acid methionine (2,4 g/100g protein) and is therefore ideally suited to complementing other common protein sources such as soybean meal. CORNPRO is low in ash, potassium and sodium, and has natural yellow / orange pigments (about 200 ppm xanthophylls) such as zeaxanthin and lutein. These xanthophylls have an important role as natural antioxidants.

Because it is easy to digest, has a low mineral content and non–allergenic proteins, CORNPRO is ideal for use in a broad range of high quality animal feeds.

Product types

CORNPRO is available as a yellow powder and as a yellow / orange granulate.

CORNPRO for ruminants

Highly productive dairy cattle require a nutrient–rich feed. To achieve their production potential, as well as feeding on good quality forage, animals will benefit from energy and protein components in their compound feed. CORNPRO contains a naturally high bypass protein level (74% rumen bypass protein) and a high metabolisable energy level (13.6 MJ/kg) which helps improve milk and milk protein yields in high–yielding dairy cattle.

CORNPRO for poultry

Corn is a basic ingredient of most poultry feeds. CORNPRO is an excellent source of amino acids (especially methionine and cysteine) and can therefore provide protein and energy in the feed ration. It also contains natural yellow / orange pigments (xanthophylls) which are an effective natural colour source for organic broilers and egg yolks. CORNPRO is low in potassium (K) and sodium (Na) and therefore has a positive effect on reducing wet litter in broiler and turkey feeds.

CORNPRO for pigs

CORNPRO is an excellent source of amino acids (especially methionine and cysteine) and can therefore provide protein and energy in the feed ration. CORNPRO has a high metabolisable energy content and is low in potassium (K) and sodium (Na). Being easy to digest, it is very suitable for piglet diets.

CORNPRO for aquaculture

Fish have a high requirement for protein and energy in their feeds. Fishmeal has historically been the main ingredient of fish feeds. However, it has become relatively scarce in face of ever–increasing demands for high quality protein concentrates. Nutritionists have identified CORNPRO as an excellent alternative protein and energy source to balance the protein and amino acid requirements of fish feeds. CORNPRO contains no antinutritional factors, is low in minerals and has a high energy level. It provides concentrated proteins for salmon, trout, sea bass and bream diets.

CORNPRO for pets

Cats and dogs require high quality, well balanced diets. Their protein and energy requirements are higher than those of most farm animals, and their mineral requirements, particularly cats', are very specific. CORNPRO is a high quality protein source which is used in cat and dog foods for both its nutritional and its physical properties. The naturally high methionine content found in CORNPRO is not only a necessity for a cat's metabolism, but it also improves the sheen of its fur. The low mineral content of CORNPRO and the fact that it contains no antinutritional factors makes it an ideal protein source for use in many dry pet foods, while, being made from corn, it also naturally provides the lighter yellow / orange colour preferred in pet foods. CORNPRO is also a useful component in extruded pet food.

CORNPRO fact sheet

Inclusion levels in feed (%)

Animal type CORNPRO
Ruminants 2-5  
Calves 2-5  
Pigs/sows 2-5  
Piglets 2-5  
Poultry Broiler 2-10  
  Layer 2-10  
Aquaculture 10-25  
Pets 10-25  
Mink 10-25  


  Min Max
Dry Matter (%)  88.5    -
Crude Protein (%) 58.5 -

Product origin:
The yellow powder form of CORNPRO is made in Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Morocco, Slovakia and Turkey.

The yellow / orange granulate form of CORNPRO is made in the Netherlands.

CORNPRO can be bought in bulk or in 25kg bags.

Product can be delivered by truck, train or barge.

Shelf life and storage conditions:

  • Shelf life is 12 months.
  • Store the product in dry, clean conditions.

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